The Day I Kicked My Inner Goddess Out and Moved My Inner Norma Rae In

What makes you empowered as a woman? Is it raising your children(okay for some of us that includes the hours of labor with or without the drugs) Does your job/career empower you? Are you working in your community or blogging online to make a difference in some Cause or charity that empowers you? For me, I think my empowerment comes from every day when I accomplish something-even if it is as small as finding five minutes to fantasize about having a little umbrella drink on a white sandy beach. My inner Norma Rae is quick to keep my back bone in check and her theory is, “Work hard, Play harder!” I told you, Norma Rae is way more fun than some Goddess in a chiton. I think I feel empowered every day that I learn something new and one should never cease trying to learn something new. Read a book, take a trip somewhere you’ve not been-even if its some local yokel spot, visit the library or museum, take a class, buy a sketch book or journal, or join an interest group. Whatever it may be, just do something. Always keep your mind sharp and do something you never thought you would or could. Push yourself. I never thought I could write a book and I’ve written two so far that have been published. They may not be best sellers and one has more opportunity since it is with an actual publisher, but life is too short to not try-you only get one chance! Volunteer for things. Join a walk or help raise money. We live in a day in age where we need to help those less fortunate. You may think you don’t have anything to offer, but that is so not true! Everyone has something-just find out what it is that speaks to you! For some it could be just an hour out of the week or helping to deliver meals to someone who is home bound. Goddesses don’t do those sorts of things. You and me though, we don’t need “inner goddesses” because we already know we can ROCK! 


Novel Asylum: Meet Author Nikki Noffsinger

Ever had a passion about something and knew that it was just the one thing you were born to do? I knew from an early age that I loved the stories from books and that I wanted to create stories of my own but it would be later in life when I would take a chance and step out into those waters as an author. Took me long enough, huh. I am not limited to one genre but Sci-Fi, horror, fantasy,romance, and drama are were I prefer to write about. I have stories that go through my head constantly and I hope to share them instead of hiding them away. I have a great love of books so I’m always on the look out for something to read or a new author to discover. My first published novel was Renegade Night, a vampire themed paranormal romance which was followed by my first shifter book, Cursed Awakening. Being an Indie author is not as easy but I’m learning the ropes. I’m passionate about telling new authors to steer clear of Vanity Presses like Publish America. Don’t ever give up by rejection because any author will tell you that rejections are just part of it. However, for each rejection one may receive-there’s a publishing company out there waiting for that one great story and is willing to do what it takes to make those authors successes. I do not know it all but like so many, I’m learning and I hope to share what I’ve learned.