Bio: Hello, I'm not just an author and lover of books, art, and music but I am a mom of two beasts-I mean children...wait, they are children, right? I think they are most days anyhow. I am a published author who is not limited by any genre but I've been mostly writing my favorite genre; Paranormal Romance. I love all the spectral, fanged, clawed, out of this world, and those wee beasties that hide in the shadows. Some people call me a "freak" but I think of my mind more of an asylum of where the freaks are all welcome and they all have a story to tell and I'm lucky enough to be able to share it with all of you. I also have a knack for having an opinion on just about everything whether it is books or what is going on in the news(or what is not going on but should be-I mean do we really care about Kanye and Kim?), and the many causes I am pretty vocal and supportive about. Some might say I'm a little ADD and I simply say "But I'm little bit country but a whole lot of rock-n-roll!"

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