It All Began With Dracula

I think one of the very first vampire movies I ever saw was Dracula with Frank Langella. You know which one I’m talking about-the one with our legendary Master of the Fang in all his Victorian splendor but with a 70’s blow-out style hair do. He could have rivaled the “Farrah”. The way he moved wasn’t like the old Bella Lugosi who brought the ghoul part of the character to life but Frankie added the swoon factor. Is that why I fell in love with vampire stories and movies? Nah. Keiffer Southerland and Billy Wirth of Lost boys was what inspired that. Up until Lost Boys, you didn’t really have the romantic aspect of it all. It was basically, “Me vampire, me use mind control(which usually meant a dramatic musical interlude with a close up on wide or narrowed eyes) then girl suddenly tosses her head exposes neck and BITE”. Now that I think about it-we never know what becomes of Mina after she watches her dark prince becomes ash in the light of the sun. Lost Boys it all ends up a happy ending while Dracula, poor Mina possibly ends up in a loveless marriage and a head case.Who knows during the time period that Dracula takes place, she probably ends up in an asylum.

So what is the fascination? Well I don’t know if I would say it is a fascination as much as it was when it comes to horror movies vampires and even were wolves are what I’m drawn to. I’m not huge on slasher flicks because well I’m home alone at night and let’s face it-I would pop a lung trying to run. I would be slashed before the movie even got started. There wouldn’t even be enough time for someone to call and ask me what my favorite scary movie was. I like that out of every movie monster or book villain that has ever been, the vampire is that dark seduction. Unless you happen to meet up with the 30 Days of Night vampires-for the most part vampires are like Venus Fly Traps. They are beautiful, seductive, and they draw you in only to trap you and well….you know what happens should you find yourself within the embrace of a vampire.

I can’t talk about Vampires and not include the creations of Anne Rice. C’mon, until Anne’s Vampire Chronicles, how many vampire books were so easily to find in the mass market unless you went to some specialty book store? I can remember there being a small paranormal romance section at our Walden Books (man I miss having a book store). It was clustered with the Sci/Fi and Horror section. When Anne hit the stage it changed forever how Vampires would be seen. I saw Interview With The Vampire four times not to mention how many times I rented it when it came out on VHS. It was that her books and the movies that followed were like the first ever epic vampire tales. Until her we had Stephen King-who in his own right can keep me up at night holding a cross and garlic and Bram Stoker. I don’t know about you but as much as I love the movies that came from Bram, his book bored me to tears.

I wrote my first vampire story which was a short story in the eleventh grade. Let me clarify this-it was the first one that I ever let anyone read. My English teacher, Mr. Moritz told me that after he read my story he got chill bumps and then had to go home and watch  he and his wife’s videos from their trip to Disney. So I figured if I could scare him, then I wondered if I could scare someone else. It wasn’t long before me and my sister made me mad and I created a story about a woman who was being stalked by her twisted sociopathic siamese twin.

So tell me….

If you are a lover of horror or just a lover of the paranormal-tell me what hooked you and why. If you’re a bonafide Fang Banger, what got you addicted to the seductive world of vampires.

Less than a week until Halloween. How are you celebrating this year?